The Essentials.

I’ve been on a Chuck Swindoll kick for the last year or so.  I just finished reading Strengthening Your Grip, Essentials in an Aimless World.  It was a fabulous book.

We are living in a society where people increasingly believe that truth is relative.  That there is no absolute truth.  If we believe in the bible, however, we know that God’s truth is absolute.  And even if we know and believe this, sometimes it’s still easy to get swayed by the world’s lies.

This book discusses the absolute truth of God’s word and how that truth should affect the way we live our lives.  Although the facts and figures presented are a bit outdated, the basic premises (because they are anchored in biblical truth) are very relevant.  The book is practical and sooo good – you need to read it!

Enjoy your day…


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