why I haven’t been blogging…


This is our new puppy, Lily!

Between her and all the holiday excitement, being on the computer has taken a backseat!

But the kids are back in school and I actually have a few quiet moments during the day to think, and so I’ll be posting a little more frequently now!

Happy New Year!


Just for Fun

Have you seen these commercials?  Every time I see them, I have to laugh.

So go ahead and include an extra chuckle in your Labor Day celebrations!



These are from the Shelter Pet Project.


Randomness, in pictures

Summer has arrived and I feel busier than ever!  Could it be that there are 3 little people and 1 new puppy in the house, and someone needs something every minute of the day? 

(sigh.  and smile.  someday I know I will miss this.  at least that’s what people tell me.)

Moving on.

Here are some random photos from the past month or two.  I am LOVING my new computer and how I can get photos on here SO MUCH FASTER!!!

Me and My Girls


My Goofy Boys


My Lovey, All Wet at the Seneca Park Zoo


The D-Boy, Tugging His Heart out at Field Days


Miss Bella at 8 weeks old

 I promise I’ll blog more when I have a few moments to think and get a coherent sentence in order!!! 

Enjoy your summer!

h and g, hi and goodbye

(by the way, anyone know what movie that’s from??)

Today I feel like the most horrible person. 

We adopted a dog from the local shelter two weeks ago.  And today we took him back.

It’s always meant a lot to me to adopt dogs from shelters rather than buy them.  To give a loving home to those poor doggies no one wants.  To save them from you-know-what.


Here’s a photo of Buddy… who really is a sweetie.




I could have lived with the occasional accident in the house.

I could have lived with the paws on the counter or table.

I could have lived with the chewing of things.

Those are things we could have worked on.

But he growled and yipped at my kiddos one too many times.  He didn’t like them near his bed when he was resting.  I wasn’t sure I could trust him. 

And that’s not a good feeling.  So we took him back.

And now I just feel bad.  Giving a dog up just goes against my grain!!  But I am hoping he’ll find a home where he’ll be happy with either no kids or teenagers.  

So lay it on me… am I a mean&terrible animal hater or did I do the right thing?  What do you think?