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Happy Monday!

Just wanted to share with my peeps some things I read this morning that I thought you might be interested in.

First off, if anyone is looking for a more structured independent bible study, this might be a good place to start.  It’s only for a month, but I’m thinking it might be just the thing for you if you haven’t yet developed the habit of being in God’s Word on a daily basis.  A month is just long enough to develop that habit!

Check out this bible study at the Doorposts blog.

(fyi, the first link will take you to the Day 1 post, and the second will take you to the current day’s post.  If you start today, you’re only really 3 days behind!!)

Secondly, tomorrow is Election Day.  I hope you will take the time to vote.  I found this Prayer for America on Election Day on Albert Mohler’s blog that is really excellent reading.  And maybe you will pray it tomorrow, as well?

Have a great week, friends!


Got Books?

I think I may have mentioned (once or twice!!) my love of books.

I now have a new and exciting (and potentially time-wasting) website to share with you all.

It’s called PaperBack Swap.  Have you heard of it?

I joined about a year ago, but only started actually using it last week.  I kept putting it off because I thought the whole process was going to be time-consuming and difficult. 

And guess what, it wasn’t.  I wish I’d started earlier!

My kids and I love books.  We buy them all the time – it’s one of my weaknesses in spending.  We try to buy most at garage sales and thrift stores, but occasionally we’ll buy from Scholastic or

Anyways, we had a garage sale at the beginning of September and I’d gone to the trouble of weeding out some of our books.  And after the garage sale, I still had a bunch.  I figured I’d finally try PaperBack Swap.

Here’s the idea – if you have good condition books (either soft or hardcover), you can list them on the website.  To start off, when you list your first 10 books you get 2 book credits.  When someone requests one of your books, you mail it to them and when they receive it you get a book credit.  To order a book from someone else takes one book credit.  So really all you’re paying for is the shipping cost.  Last week within 24 hours of listing my books, one of them was requested.  I printed out the mailing label (including shipping cost) for about 3 dollars, wrapped it up, and stuck it in my mailbox.  It was soooo easy!  And yesterday, I received my first book in the mail.

Way cool.

There are a LOT of books available.  And if there is one you want but it isn’t available, you can put it on your wish list and you will get an e-mail when it is available.  I found a lot of books I wanted – I’m just having a hard time deciding how to use my two credits! 

If you love books, I highly recommend that you try this out.  Membership is free.  I have a button on the left side of my blog… and a link up above in this post.  These are personalized, so if you use my links and sign up, I will get a referral credit (yay for me!).  Just so you know.  In case you just want to go to the website without using my referral links, you can just go to .

Happy reading!!!

file this under “really gross, but works great”

When my hubby is away on a work trip, I get the privilege of being Super-Handiwoman.  OK, maybe not super.  And maybe not even handy.  But woman? 

Yes, I fall into that category.

So I thought I’d give you an awesome tip on how to get your drain clear of hair.  Because, if you’re anything like me, you lose a lot of hair in the shower.  Seriously, you’d think I’d be bald with all the hair that falls out of my head.  (for those of you who don’t know me, thankfully, I am not).

Enter today’s tip:

The Zip-it Clean.

It’s this handy thing that you stick into your drain and pull out, and voila – clean drain. 

Here’s their website.  If you have a weak stomach, do NOT watch the videos.  Scratch that, don’t even go to the website because there are lots of pictures. 

And make sure you have someone else use it on your drain.  It can be really disgusting.  But it works!  And no Draino needed!  You can get them pretty inexpensively at Target.

And in case you’re wondering where I’ve been lately (because I obviously haven’t been blogging!), in the past week I have bought, loaded, unloaded, transported by wagon, and dumped 30 bags of 40 lb. topsoil.  That may not have been the Brightest Idea I’ve ever had.  You see, I thought raised garden beds would be a good idea.  So far, not so much.  But when my fatigued body gets back to normal I might feel differently – I’ll let you know.

And then there’s the 2 yards of mulch sitting in my driveway with my name on it.  I would have dealt with it last night, but I was playing Darth Vader in a Very Important And Exciting light saber duel with Luke Skywalker (a.k.a. my son). 

(And surprisingly, it was much more fun than I expected). 

But there sits the mulch.  It’s calling to me, so I will go.

Have a great day!!