Thrift Store Shopping: What to Buy

A while ago, I posted about some certain items that I avoid while thrift store shopping. Today I thought I'd post the things that I actually look for on a typical thrift store shopping trip, in order to stretch our dollars. Clothes for the Kids.  Kids outgrow clothing so quickly - it just doesn't make …

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what’s up – Easter 2013 version

Hubby has been traveling for work for two weeks. Computer wouldn't turn on for about 7 of those days.  Ugh. Also, kids' school spaghetti dinner piano lesson potluck 3 church meetings 2 playdates 2 car appointments 3 doctor / dentist appointments 1 child needing to get blood drawn dog grooming another child with an essay …

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Tips, Please!

I just started couponing about three weeks ago. I'm focusing on CVS and groceries (between Tops, WalMart and BJs). And I feel like it's not going well. I've bought papers.  They haven't had all the coupon inserts.  (Lesson number 1 for me - don't buy until you make sure everything's there!!) I thought I was getting …

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