My Monday Mess – 8/5/2013

Just got back from camping and this is what I'll be tackling today!     As usual, the van and the camper get unloaded and everything gets dumped in the porch!  I'd better get to work! What Beautiful Mess are you dealing with today?

Summer Planning Round-up

EEEK!  School ends in 2 days!  If you have school-aged children, you know exactly what I mean.  Yes, it's lovely to have a more relaxed schedule, have more time to play and enjoy your kids, not have to help them with homework, etc., but you also have the kids at home with you.  🙂  My two older …

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TTAH Tuesday – Go Camping

Hi there!  Sorry about my missing last Tuesday... we were camping. Which leads me to my Try-This-At-Home tip for today.  Go camping. We try to go every summer.  Before kids, we camped in a tent.  After kids, we rent a cabin.  However you can manage it, you and your family should do it.  Here are some …

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