Back-to-school Teacher Gift

I’ve got a quick, cute back-to-school teacher gift for you!

back-to-school teacher gift

Get yourself some school-themed scrapbooking paper, some white cardstock, ribbon, and a frame.

Go to this awesome blog to print out the art for FREE!  (Thank you, bitsycreations!)

Put it in the frame and dress it up however you like, and there you have it – another quick & easy gift!


Back-to-School Perspective

I hope you all don’t mind that I often just post to give you links to other blogs!

But sometimes I find something that just needs to be shared.

This post really hit me, because as I’ve mentioned before, God’s got me on a journey of trusting Him more and relying on myself less.  I do not need to be in control of everything (and, wouldn’t you know it?  I’m really not!!)  and I don’t have to get everything perfect (and, again, do I even need to say that I don’t?)

And with that in mind as I send my kids back to school, this just fit in perfectly.

So here you go… even if you don’t have kids going off to school in the next week or so, I highly recommend this…


*Last Day of School Tradition*


Summer vacation is here!

Yesterday we ended the school year with what has become a bit of a tradition for us:

Apple Cider Doughnuts

Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts

Well, the tradition is the homemade doughnuts, although the kind has varied every year.  I bake the doughnuts and use the excuse that they are healthier (the truth is that frying things in a couple inches of hot oil scares me).  🙂

This year’s recipe I think was the best – they were light and fluffy with good flavor.  Even though it seems like the wrong time of year to have apple cider doughnuts, YES, you can still buy cider in June!!  The recipe came from Family Circle March 2012 issue (link here).  I did make a couple of changes – used light brown sugar instead of dark brown, and used 1/3 T ground ginger instead of fresh.  They turned out just fine.

In case you’re interested in the other recipes we’ve tried:  Funfetti and Baked Chocolate Peanut Butter Donuts with Vanilla Peanut Butter Glaze.


I am thrilled that the school year is over.  I love the break from what should be an olympic event called “getting your kids to school on time”.  

Last night was the last award ceremony of the year… and I’ve got to tell you I’m so proud of my kiddos.  They enjoy school, they work hard, and their teachers have a lot of great things to say about their little characters.  They are all smart cookies – my oldest had the highest GPA in the whole 6th grade!  My son got awards for spelling and bible study!  And my little one got an award for best overall achievement in all the subjects!  I love them all to pieces and am excited to see God’s plans for them emerge as they get older.

How are YOU doing?  Has summer vacation started for your family yet?

What are you going to do?

This question started popping up I would say about 6-9 months ago.

“What are you going to do?” with all your free time once the kids are in school?

Inwardly I groan because I feel like there’s always a “right answer” the questioner is looking for.  Not always, but usually.

But unfortunately this is not an easily answered question.  Certainly not one that can be answered quickly in passing.

So I’ve been brainstorming possible answers to try out on people who ask:

I could answer tongue-in-cheek:

I’m going to eat bon-bons and watch daytime soaps.

I’m going to sleep all day.

I’m going to stalk my children by being extra-involved and volunteer for every school event.

I’m going to play on facebook all day (ok, this is getting a little close to home).

I want to answer:

I’m not sure.

I’d like to be more disciplined about getting my house cleaned.

I’d like to get to some of those craft and/or household projects that have been waiting 11 1/2 years.

I’d like to, every once in a while, sit in the morning with a cup of coffee and a good book.

I’m not planning on looking for a job right away because I feel my kids still need me both before and after school.

And I should answer:

I’ll do whatever I feel God leading me to do.

But chances are, if you ask me, I’ll just smile and say enjoy the quiet.

Which I have been.

August Happenings

aaah, August has been a bit of a whirlwind.  Here’s some snapshots of the month.

ImageA trip to an amusement park.



My trip to Dallas.



My son’s 9th birthday (again, all about legos and star wars!).



New haircuts and two missing teeth – just in time to start Kindergarten next week!



And witnessing God protecting us from this.  We’ve known this tree had to come down for about a year and a half now, but we thought it would take a strong storm to topple it.  This happened in the space of about 20 minutes on Monday when I took the kids to drop off our books at the library – and we didn’t even go in – we just dropped them in the book return!  And there was no storm – no wind – just a light rain.  Thanking God for his protection.  The tree will be cut down in the next few days and I am quite sad about it.  It provides us so much shade in the summer!

And these photos don’t even include the excitement over my husband being in the hospital for three days!  Thank you to some of you who noticed my prayer request and contacted me to make sure everything was ok.  He is home from the hospital and doing fine now.  It was a combination of things – a new medicine and him not consistently taking some of his regular meds – that made him quite sick.  But he is stable right now and has an appointment with a specialist next week.  Thanks again for your prayers.

Next week will be quite a transition week for us – my oldest will be starting middle school (in the public school system), my son will have a new teacher for 4th grade, and my youngest will be starting kindergarten.  So I will be at home, alone.  It has been 11 1/2 years that I have had a preschooler at home, so this will be quite a change.  I am equal parts excited and sad.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

~ Ecclesiastes 3:1


Teacher Christmas Gifts 2010

Tim Horton’s gift certificate

Crocheted coffee cozy (Lionbrand “half caf cozy”, instructions here)

Tin of white chocolate fudge-covered oreos, decorated like ornaments.

And Lindt truffles. 

I am so thankful for my children’s teachers!  They are top-notch and have such a positive impact on my kids.  Hopefully they’ll enjoy their gifts!

And I ask, who can go wrong with truffles?

Holiday Happenings

So, so busy this week preparing for Christmas!!  Dave & I went on our annual shopping day on Monday, Tuesday was MOPS, and then Wednesday night was the kids’ Christmas program at school.  Not to mention baking for the school bake sale that was after the program!! 

Can I just tell you how proud I am of my kids?  Miss L had a singing solo in the play and she did such a great job!  She sang clearly and beautifully and didn’t seem nervous at all!  The Christmas programs are always so special – it’s just a treat to see the children singing praises to God!  And not to mention usually funny to watch a group of small children try to stand still and pay attention for that long! 

I wanted to share a little about our MOPS groups’ Christmas outreach.   We collected food and used toy donations in order to bless the teen moms in our Teen MOPS group.  I was so amazed at the amount we collected, and it was definitely a wonderful surprise Christmas gift for the moms.  Here’s a couple of photos before the meeting started:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve always prayed that our MOPS groups would meet the moms’ needs in a way that glorifies God.  This is a perfect example!

Well, I’d better get back to my to-do list!  It’s always long this time of year!