What am I seeking?

What do you most often ask for when you are praying? Very often I ask God for His direction.  To tell me what to do.   I ask Him for His peace, His wisdom, His strength, His protection, His provision. I don't know why this question or thought came into my head, but it occurred …

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He will make your paths straight.

It's funny how many turns a year can take, isn't it?  I guess that's just part of life.  And I can't even handle that it's nearly mid-December.  But I am so glad that God promises us in Proverbs 3:6 that if we acknowledge him, he will make our paths straight. If you've read my blog …

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some links worth clicking

Happy Monday! Just wanted to share with my peeps some things I read this morning that I thought you might be interested in. First off, if anyone is looking for a more structured independent bible study, this might be a good place to start.  It's only for a month, but I'm thinking it might be just the …

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