*good to be home*

It is super good to be home. As much as I enjoyed the MOPS Convention and was completely spiritually refreshed, I also love the homecoming. This year the homecoming was especially anticipated because my husband went into the hospital while I was gone (long story!).

But it is also seriously good to have the opportunity to miss my kids every once in a while. Especially at this point in the summer! Having some time away helps me remember what wonderful gifts from God that they are to me.

I woke up to this from my son this morning…

Precious, isn’t it??

I’m asking for continued prayers for my husband’s health – we are hoping that he will be discharged from the hospital today. It’s been a wearying few days. Thanks!


Exactly This.

Tomorrow I leave for Dallas, TX, for the 2012 MOPS Convention.  I am so looking forward to it.

Why leave my family for 5 days?  Well, if you have to ask, then you must not have kids.  LOL – just kidding.

Another blogger has said it better than I can, so I’ll just give you a link to her blog.

Exactly what she says!

And if you wouldn’t mind, would you please lift my husband and kids up in prayer for the next 5 days?  Dave threw his back out on Sunday morning and is still not fully mobile and functioning.  Thank you so much, friends!

MOPS Convention Highlights 2011

Hi everyone!!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately – I just returned Sunday afternoon from the MOPS Convention in Nashville.  This was my third time at Convention and I never cease to be amazed at how refreshing it is – spiritually and emotionally.

At every Convention, I feel like God is present and speaking to me.  Truth is so clear when it is repeated in your life in different venues, and I heard so much that confirmed His truth.  His truth completes and connects like nothing else.  How thankful I am that He pursues me like He does and continues reaching out to me until I really “get it”!  I will be sharing some of the things I heard at Convention in future blog posts, so keep coming back! 

But for now, I wanted to share just a few pics to give you an idea of what an awesome experience MOPS Convention is!

First of all, the convention center / hotel is such a gorgeous place.  You can’t help but feel relaxed and pampered.  We had a room that had a little balcony looking out into this atrium.  It was lovely to sit out there and enjoy my coffee and Bible reading each morning!

There is something about spending time away from home (and away from kids and the usual household responsibilities) that can really help you bond with other women.  It’s great to feel like to have the time both to share what’s on your heart and to listen deeply to others share as well.  As Sara Groves sang, with friends, life is “half as hard and twice as good”.

I also got to meet (in real life!) Sandy from Recognize and Remember, who I “met” through blogging a couple of years ago.  What a special treat to speak face-to-face.  I only wish we’d had more time!

Here’s a pic of me and my Northgate MOPS ladies…

And speaking of Sara Groves – it was fabulous to see her in concert again.  Hands down, my favorite Christian artist.  So accessible, real, and authentic. 

Got to listen to both Mandisa and Steven Curtis Chapman perform.  Sooo good.  Mary Beth Chapman spoke and that was such a treat.  She shared from the heart, and what more could you ask for?

I couldn’t help but take a picture of these violets (I think?).  They were so huge and so beautiful.

Got to meet Dr. Juli Slattery (shown in middle below), who was giving away and autographing one of her books.  Score!  Also heard Lisa Harper speak (shown on left), and saw Focus on the Family videotaping a live segment for “Your Family Live” with Yvette Maher (shown on right).  As I was watching, her daughters walked up and were trying their hardest to distract her by jumping and waving.  Too funny.

And last, but not least, listening to Max Lucado was – I’m running out of descriptors, here.  How many times can I say awesome in one post? – awesome.  It really felt like such a privilege.  And the words he spoke were so God-inspired and exactly what I needed to hear. 

MOPS International does such a great job of preparing local leaders with “MOPS info”, but what I love about Convention is that it emphasizes individual spiritual growth above all.  And I think my favorite part about Convention is being able to spend a few days with women who totally “get it”!  They share your mothering experience – the highs and lows – but they also share your ministry experience.  They “get” that God calls and equips us for this ministry at this point in our lives and they “get” the importance of this ministry.

And what an experience to be able to sit (and stand and dance) in a room with thousands of other women worshipping God.