Early Thoughts on Letting Go

I put my first-born on a plane on Tuesday to go to Kenya!!  16 days, 10 different flights, 8 different airports, 3 countries, and she is now approximately 7,500 miles away. (They arrived safely last night!)

I titled this “early thoughts” because I feel we are just entering the season of letting our kids go.  Yes, we’ve “let them go” in many ways before this, but this is bigger than the usual and as she’ll be a senior next year… we are beginning to let go in bigger ways.  And just as with anything else… what I know now is likely to change and morph and grow as we do more and more letting go.

So… some of the thoughts I’ve had…

(1) I know she’s in God’s hands and I know He loves her even more than I do.  She has given her life to Christ and was called by Him to go on this missions trip.  Just knowing that alone has given me confidence and peace.  He has a plan for her and because He is always good, His plans are always good.  Again – peace.

(2) It’s fun to see your kids mature and grow – at every stage.  Now in these older teen years it’s fun to really see the person that they are turning out to be.

(3) There is an indescribable joy in seeing your kid joyful and excited about going off on an amazing adventure.  At the same time it’s sad to see them go.  Isn’t life funny how so many moments are filled with both joy and a bit of sadness?  Or sadness with a bit of joy?

(4) My kids are way more capable than I often think.  I know I do more for them than is necessary and lately I’ve come to see I need to push them more to do things by themselves.  If I don’t, I’m not preparing them well to be on their own.  And bottom line… I’m reminded that this parenting gig is all about working ourselves out of a job.  Lord, may I keep my eyes on you as I prepare these kids to be the adults you’ve called them to be.  

(5) And I marvel at the way God prepares us parents.  Those things that when your kiddos are three you’d never envision being able to do (or those things you’d never envision you’d allow them to do!  LOL) … now you are able because God has molded and trained and taught YOU… as you have taught your kids.  Amazing.

Have a great and blessed weekend, friends!



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