The Last Week in Pictures

Tuesday: My youngest turned 10! How did that happen!
Wednesday: Major windstorm knocked down this beautiful evergreen in our front yard. Thanking God that it only fell on our garage but damage was minimal!
Wednesday, continued: Can you believe the tree missed Dave’s car by mere inches?
Thursday: Dave home from China with a cold and a story of a Chinese pharmacy adventure.
Friday: Rehearsal for first musical! Hairspray! And did I mention this girl turned 16 two weeks ago?
Saturday:  My niece’s wedding!  A full day of visiting with family – including my two sisters from out of town.  It doesn’t happen often, but it’s so wonderful to have us all in the same place!
Sunday: Hairspray!! Even after missing a few rehearsals because of the windstorm, the kids did an amazing job!
Monday: Tree being removed from the garage roof.
Monday:  The tree getting removed.
Tuesday: Snow day! Deer looking for food.
Tuesday:  Snow storm and another day off of school!  Deer looking for food in the backyard.





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