Stamina for Mothering

Next week my kids will be done with 9th grade, 7th grade, and 3rd grade.  It’s unbelievable how fast they are growing up!!  We’ve had lots of ups and downs this school year and I’m looking forward to summer vacation and a more relaxed schedule (read: being able to sleep past 5:45 am).


I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately – how does one not only survive, but thrive in these years of mothering?  Motherhood requires stamina.

Stamina = staying power or strength to endure.

Motherhood is beautiful, amazing, wonderful.  But it’s also hard.  I need stamina, and so do you – to serve our families well for years on end, to teach, train, and discipline our children, and to endure through struggles.

I thought I’d share with you the three things that have been helpful to me to maintain my stamina:

  1. Build in time for rest
  2. Build up my friendships
  3. Build up my faith

Sometimes I’m good at these and sometimes I’m not.  But I know when I am intentional about investing in these things, I have more bandwidth for all the demands of life.

Building in time for rest is key for me to be able to keep going day after day.  Physical, emotional, spiritual rest for the soul.  All of them.  Am I getting enough sleep?  Do I have enough “down” time? (for me, that’s time when I don’t feel rushed, I’m not running anyone around, I can think and breathe deeply)  Do we have enough “down” time as a family?  Am I putting down my phone and enjoying my family?

Building up friendships means investing in those deep, authentic relationships with other women.  Women who will accept me, pray for me, give me guidance or just a listening ear when I need it.  The older my kids get (and I get!), the more I depend on my friends.  Mothering is hard – we need people cheering us on!  Some questions to ask – do I have authentic, deep relationships that I can count on?  Am I investing in them?

Building up my faith has been clearly the most important on this list.  When I am weak, it is only God that can give me the strength to go on.   God is our rock, our firm foundation, our wisdom, our strength.  Am I spending time in prayer and time reading God’s word?  Am I building up my faith through interacting with other believers?  Is growing closer to God a priority in my life?

Every now and then when I get overwhelmed I try to go back to these three things and assess how I’m doing by asking myself those questions.  It’s so helpful to getting back on track.

So now it’s your turn -do you have any other things that you consider to be essential for building stamina in your life?  Please share!

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