We are the world-changers, moms!

WE are the world- changers, moms, and don’t ever forget it!

Lately I’ve been hearing and thinking a lot about the culture that we live in today and all that’s wrong with it.  The recent presidential debate had me cringing.  The fact that many think it’s acceptable for our presidential candidates to taunt and put one another down in such immature fashion is so disheartening to me.

It seems like every week a crime occurs in my community that’s got people on facebook bemoaning what’s become of our society.

Don’t get me wrong, I do it, too.  Some adolescents swearing in Target the other day had me thinking along those same lines.

But this morning.

This morning God opened my eyes to something, as I was again having similar thoughts about the decline of our culture – no one has manners anymore, kids don’t know how to work hard (etc.).  How can anyone do anything to turn this around?

And I felt God point my finger right back at me and say that it’s us, moms, that can change the world.

We want adolescents and young adults to be more responsible, to work hard, and to take pride in their work?  Then it’s our job to teach them that.

We want people to honor others above themselves, to be kind and considerate to others?  It’s our job to teach our kids.

We want society not to be so vulgar?  Again, it’s our job to teach our kids.

No one person can change the world – but WE, moms, WE collectively can change the world by choosing each day to work toward that end.  By being prayerful and thoughtful about how we raise our children.  We have such tremendous power to change the world, the culture, for good. And it starts with us – how we act and react to the world around us.  How we teach and train our children.  How we pray and invest and love well.

Let’s get to it, friends.


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