what’s up – Easter 2013 version

Hubby has been traveling for work for two weeks.

Computer wouldn’t turn on for about 7 of those days.  Ugh.


kids’ school spaghetti dinner

piano lesson


3 church meetings

2 playdates

2 car appointments

3 doctor / dentist appointments

1 child needing to get blood drawn

dog grooming

another child with an essay due

youth group

Maundy Thursday activities

IQ testing for my youngest to help a Master’s student

and that’s only the out-of-the-ordinary stuff!

phew – no wonder I haven’t blogged at all!

Happy Belated Easter! 


(how pathetic is it that this is the only pic I got of the kids all together in their Easter outfits??)


I was also prepping for an upcoming ***no kids*** trip to Key Largo, Florida, by doing some thrift shopping.

Got some new-to-me clothes for our trip for great prices AND I scored these:

100_1464 100_1465

That is an awesome Star Wars pop-up book in near-perfect condition for $1.99!

And a Thirty-One skirt purse in excellent condition that I got for… drum roll, please …. $4.59!


Gotta love thrifting!

What’s up with you?



3 thoughts on “what’s up – Easter 2013 version

  1. Great find with the pop-up book! I am a huge Star Wars fan and also a big fan of Matthew Reinhart. I first found one of his books while researching some children’s books (Ed. major, sorry). I actually ended up buying a different one of his for my little sister, and she absolutely loves it.

    1. Stephanie

      Hi and welcome! My son looooves Star Wars so he was thrilled. We have a dinosaur fold-out version of this book, so I had an inkling about how fabulous this one would be.

      Hope you enjoyed your visit and come back soon!

  2. themerrythought

    haa – i love that pic of your kiddos! and awesome find with the star wars book – malacai would love that!!
    umm, key largo with no kids?! sounds soo nice!

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