God’s Abundant Life, part 1

If you remember, one of my resolutions was trying to live a more abundant life.

I have a feeling God is going to reveal things about this to me all year, so I wanted to share these things with you as well.

The first thing he showed me last week (and this is not a new idea to me, but the wording and circumstances and perspective are new) – abundant life is ONLY through Him.

In our world, abundance can take on a whole lot of meanings.  Monetary wealth, overflowing possessions, food.

But he revealed to me that the way that He means abundance – the fullness of life and joy and all the things he gives us – is experienced only through seeking Him.

Matthew 6:33 came to mind as I wrote that… Seek Him and His righteousness first…

When we seek Him, however, there is a self-discipline that is necessary.  Through His spirit and His strength, not my own.

Often I don’t intentionally neglect Him;  I just allow myself to be overwhelmed with the demands of life.

So I need to begin each and every day placing Him where He belongs:  in my head, in my prayers, on my lips, and in my heart.


One thought on “God’s Abundant Life, part 1

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