Looking back…

A month or so ago, my husband added a photo feed gadget to our google sidebar.

(You’ll have to forgive me – is it even called that?  these years of diapering, feeding, cleaning, and in general caring for kids have made me, shall we say, a little behind the times technologically.) 

Anyways, this thing is like a little random slide show of all the pictures in our computer.  I love it!  Every once in a while a picture will catch my eye – something I’d forgotten about, or a special time from years ago.

I will tell you, it has been a breath of fresh air for me.  I’m finding it easier to be patient with my kids with where they’re at NOW, just by being reminded of where they’ve been.  For some reason, remembering them when they were little and cute and innocent (and didn’t talk back) makes me a bit more loving in the here and now.

I highly suggest doing this on your computer if you spend any length of time there during the day.  I’d give you a tutorial on how to do it, if I only knew how.  🙂

But I’ll leave you with a couple of those favorites that have caught my eye:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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