wisdom and hope

Hi there!

We’ve got some “stuff” going on around here that is taking up a lot of my time and energy.  Hence my loooong time between posts.

This was in my devotion this morning and it spoke to me.  I thought at the very least I’d share it because we all have “stuff” cluttering our hearts, minds, and calendars, don’t we?  And sometimes that “stuff” can be discouraging.

So here you go…

“Wisdom and hope are traveling companions.  Wise men and women learn to think optimistically about their lives, their futures, and their faith.  The pessimists, however, are not so fortunate;  they choose instead to focus their thoughts and energies on faultfinding, criticizing, and complaining, with precious little to show for their efforts.  To become wise, we must seek God’s wisdom – the wisdom of hope – and we must live according to God’s Word.  To become wise, we must seek God’s guidance with consistency and purpose.  To become wise, we must not only learn the lessons of life, we must live by them.”

~A Woman of Faith devotional

I’ve been too much of a pessimist about my situation and need to rely more heavily on God and his wisdom and hope!  And one of these days I’ll probably blog about all the “stuff” – when it’s over!

I pray all is going well with you, dear friends!  Give a shout out if this spoke to you in any way!


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