where did may and june go?

hi everyone.

sorry for my lack of blogging!

i feel like we have been going full speed since the beginning of may.

may and june have included (aside from the stuff I’ve already blogged about):

the end of the MOPS year (and the end of my years as a MOPS mom!)

sharing the salvation message at the last MOPS meeting

a field trip to Albany with my sweet girl

memorial day

planting the veggie garden

filling our flower pots

field day

the big wedding!

my sister from montana visiting for a week

my 39th birthday

a tastefully simple party


father’s day celebrations


today starts the last week of school for the kids – and i am so excited for summer vacation and a more laid-back schedule!

i made this wreath for our door that sums up what our motto is going to be for the summer:

 kick your shoes off and play awhile!

4 thoughts on “where did may and june go?

    • Thanks, and welcome to my blog! Just in case you’re interested, i got the flip-flops and the flowers from Dollar Tree and just hot-glued them together – so easy and inexpensive! Have a great day!

    • Thanks for visiting, Angie! Just visited your blog and will be leaving a comment there shortly! Hope you come back!

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