:The Bridal Shower:

So Sunday was Emily’s bridal shower and it was lovely.

I will warn you… this post is photo-heavy!!

My mom, my sister, and I with the guest of honor!

My mom’s house all decorated and ready for the party…

I was in charge of decorations and some of the food.  Most of my ideas came from Pinterest (can you tell by the tissue paper pom-poms in the picture above?).  Below I will show you some highlights and where to find instructions / inspiration if you’d like to get more information.

I got the instructions for the tissue paper pom-poms here.  They are really quite simple and don’t take long to make.  And they make such a big visual impact!

Emily loves lacy stuff, so I wanted to make a doily table runner for her.  I made this one out of doilies I got at thrift shops, church rummage sales, estate sales, and a couple I just bought at JoAnn Fabrics.  They are cheaper and more unique if you buy old ones… however, they are really not easy to find at thrift shops.  You’ll have more luck at estate sales and rummage sales.  I think it turned out beautifully…

My inspiration came from here.  I pieced the doilies together first, using a bit of fabric glue to anchor them together.  Then I tacked them together with a needle and thread.  I may have to make another for myself!

My sister has a Silhouette machine and made those cute little lanterns.  The possibilities with that thing – might need one of those, too!!

Next I rolled up the plastic silverware in napkins and tied with ribbon to look like flowers.  Not sure I was exactly successful in making it look like a bouquet, but it did look nice!

I got the inspiration for this from here.

I think my favorite thing about the decorations was this photo display I made for the bride-to-be.

I used an old window frame, ribbon, some scrapbooking materials, and black and white photos, and I love how it turned out.  I love the rustic look of the frame (which honestly, I didn’t really do anything to it except clean it thoroughly) combined with the soft look of the ribbon and photos.  My inspiration came from here.  It’s so versatile, too – once the “honeymoon stage” is over, she can change it up with different photos or use it for something else entirely!  There are about a bazillion ideas for using old windows on Pinterest, for sure!

And I couldn’t leave out a little bit of the chocolate fountain and goodies for dipping!  Emily is a big fan of chocolate – so the fountain worked out wonderfully and everyone loved it.  It’s such a novelty and really added a little something special.  (thanks to my friend for letting me borrow it!)

(My 5-year-old was especially enthralled with it, even though I’d told her repeatedly not to stick her fingers in it.  LOL.  But she really went to town on the marshmallows – she must have eaten half a bag by herself.  Fortunately there were no resulting tummy aches or temper tantrums.)

I wanted the guests to be able to share some marriage advice with Emily, but I wanted to do it in an unusual way that could become a keepsake.  This idea I did not get from Pinterest, but I did find it online here.  The exploding box…

This is so sweet – I love to hear other people’s marriage advice!  And after the shower I realized there were some empty “pages” so Emily can add some photos in there as well.

A couple of other ideas I got from Pinterest were writing the menu on the glass of a picture frame – I used scrapbook paper that coordinated with some of the other projects for the background, and the frame Emily could keep as a gift – and the fruit kabobs that looked so wonderful on the food buffet!

I tried to make the food table and the food be kinda classy – but I couldn’t talk my mom out of tuna macaroni salad (which is a classic at my family’s gatherings).  LOL.  I did draw the line at getting out the potato chips.  I did get asked a couple of times for my fruit dip recipe – so I’ll share that with you as well.  It’s real difficult (can you hear my sarcasm?)  It’s a small container of marshmallow fluff mixed (well) with 8 oz. of cream cheese.  Yes, that’s it.  And it’s so good, no one ever believes me when I tell them what’s in it!

A few more photos of the festivities…

The guest of honor trying not to break ribbons.

The cake…

And I’ll leave you with one last photo of the bride-to-be, the groom-to-be, and my mom…

Welcome to the family, Emily!!


3 thoughts on “:The Bridal Shower:

  1. this turned out so great Steph!! i love the doily runner you made – i want to make one! and that exploding box is so cool.
    haa- love that story you shared about the tuna macaroni salad. and now i’m craving some. 🙂
    lovely party!!

    1. Stephanie

      Welcome! I’m glad you liked the box. I thought it was so unique, and it turned out to be pretty easy! Come back and visit again!

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