What’s up?

I apologize for my lack of blogging lately.  The kids were home from school last week and when they are off, life always seems extra busy!  And my blogging as of late has been reduced to lists – but since it’s Monday morning that’s about all I can coherently manage.  So here’s another list of what’s up around here:

  • My oldest daughter turned 11 last Thursday.  Does that officially make her a tween?  She is turning into a young woman before my eyes – and much faster than I ever expected.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember her as a baby anymore!  But I am so proud of her – these are the words her teacher used to describe her at our last conference:  Yielding, Nice, Descriptive, Sensitive, Awesome, Motivated.  I feel like we are heading into uncharted territory these next few years, with her going to middle school next year.  But I know God is with us.
  • On an unrelated note, she was puking last night.  Not fun – but I’m glad she is old enough now to recognize when she’s going to be sick and take steps to make sure it happens in the right place!  She seems better today, but now for at least a week, I will be wondering who’s going to get sick next.
  • Spent some time with my sister last week planning my nephew’s fiance’s bridal shower.  I’m excited about it!
  • One of our MOPS mentors died two weeks ago from liver cancer.  This has been a difficult time for our steering team, but I am so thankful for this group of women and how they come together to minister to one another.  Personally, it was a reminder to me that we cannot take even one day of our lives for granted.  We are not guaranteed another day.  I want to live so that I have no regrets at the end and so that each person in my family knows every day how much I love them.
  • My youngest will turn 5 next week.  Again, it’s hard to believe this is possible!  Our family tradition is that the fifth birthday means the first “friend” birthday party.  So we are hard at work planning a “hello kitty” birthday party for her.  She is beyond excited!
  • My crocheted hats that I showed you last month were a hit at the school auction.  They sold for way more money than I expected!  The pink owl hat sold for the most – I think it was $48!  I am thinking about selling them on-line.  What do you think?  How much would you pay for one?
  • I am continuing to coupon.  I think I’m finally seeing the work pay off in terms of less money spent and I’m getting into a rhythm with it.  Thank goodness, because about 2 months in, I was feeling pretty discouraged.  This has required a complete change in the way I menu plan and plan for grocery shopping.  But it’s a good change.
  • We are thinking about a beach vacation this summer.  We have been to the Outer Banks before and really enjoyed it, but we’d like something a little bit closer.  We’re tentatively thinking Ocean City, New Jersey?  Maybe?  I’d love to hear if any of you have any ideas or recommendations for good family locations (i.e., not ridiculously expensive!!) and/or places to stay!  (thanks in advance!)

I think that’s about it for around here.  What’s up with you?


2 thoughts on “What’s up?

  1. Gloria Roorda

    So, so many good memories from Ocean City, NJ. Wildwood Crest is also very nice, we stay at the Biscayne Family Resort there. If you’re willing to travel back to NC, Ocean Isle Beach might be my favorite for quiet, just getting away from everything places to go. Let me know what you decide. We are BIG beach people!

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