Crocheted Animal Hats

I have been seeing kids wearing earflap animal hats all over the place.  They seem to be quite popular.

So, our kids’ school auction is coming up and I thought I’d try my hand at making some. 

Here are the ones I made for the auction:

My favorites are the Angry Birds Hat and the Owl Hats.  I’ve been using the following websites for patterns, adjusting the patterns only a bit as necessary:

(Thanks to both of these bloggers for sharing patterns!!)

I’m still working on getting sizes right – going back and forth between patterns, stitches, and changing hook sizes – I still haven’t been able to make a hat that fits a school-aged child.  ha ha – and my hello kitty’s whiskers look more like eyelashes – guess I need more practice!  The owls and angry birds are preschool sized and the penguin and hello kitty are teen/adult sized!  It should be interesting to see if they sell at the auction and for how much!

After I see how well they sell on Saturday at the auction, I’m thinking about trying to make and sell them on my own.  What do you think?




6 thoughts on “Crocheted Animal Hats

  1. very cute! 2 of my grands just got Pokemon hats and they told me to be ready for orders from their friends at the pokemon thing they’re going to this weekend. Another big thing is fingerless gloves–i gave a pair to granddaughter and her dad thought they were “stupid”. But she said “DAD! Everybody;s wearing them!” (Personally I think they’re kind of stupid too, but can see the advantage for texting, etc.) Good luck with your hats!

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