Rolled Coffee-Filter Flower Valentine Wreath

Hi there! 

This is a project I worked on last spring… and never posted it because I’m not really fond of it!  ha ha.

Actually, I didn’t post it because I never really “finished” it to my liking.  I intended to cover the whole wreath in rolled coffee-filter flowers.

But rolling those silly flowers takes FOREVER!!!!!!

I dyed coffee filters pink, and rolled them up following instructions from here.

Here’s a close-up…

Then I stuck them in a foam wreath using pearl sewing pins.  And I rolled and stuck, rolled and stuck, rolled and stuck.

You get the idea. 

Then I got tired, and lazy.

And I decided I was done.

So I just ended up covering the rest of the wreath in white yarn and called it a day.

My words of advice to you – if you want to take on a project like this, buy a small wreath. 

Happy February!


6 thoughts on “Rolled Coffee-Filter Flower Valentine Wreath

  1. PS – I got a question about how I dyed the coffee filters. I used RIT dye (about 1/2 a package for a sink-full of water and 50 coffee filters – just follow the directions on the package!).

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