A New Tradition Can Start Anytime…

My brother-in-law began a new Christmas tradition for our family this year.

And it’s turning out to be a lot of fun.

He is running a “25 Days of Christmas Trivia Game”.

Every day he sends out a new trivia question via text on our cell phones. 

Check out the current scores that are updated daily on our “secret” FB page (along with a bit of trash-talking):

Can you tell he is enjoying this?  And that he is an engineer? (and believe me, I say that in love because I have an engineer’s brain, too!)

Sorry I had to block out names, but I’ll give you a hint on which column is mine – I only had one wrong answer so far.  (The ones I didn’t respond to were because I didn’t have my cell phone with me!)  The question I got wrong was, “How many pieces did the grinch cut off the branch he used for Max’s antlers?”  I answered 3, but the correct answer is 4.  Just in case you need to know!

So, a couple of things I’m learning from this:

  1. My old verizon LG phone just doesn’t cut it for this type of thing!
  2. My texting skills are, let’s face it, not so good.  But I did learn how to use T9!  Yay me!
  3. My family is much more competitive than I thought.
  4. I can’t feel my phone vibrate or ring when I’m in a store shopping/walking.  That’s a problem.
  5. I’ve actually gotten to the point where I’m remembering to recharge my phone overnight, turn it on in the morning, AND carry it with me!  This is real progress, people!
  6. Starting some new traditions can be lots of fun!

Do you have any new traditions you’re starting this year?


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