A Christmas Message

Among all the other Christmas preparations that have been going on in our house, I was asked to speak at my MOPS group’s Christmas meeting this past Tuesday.  It was such a blessing and a privilege.  It’s funny, because when I was younger, my least favorite thing to do was to stand up in front of people and talk!  But then I got a job that forced me to do it.  So I am capable, but I still get nervous.  But it’s really amazing how God equips!  The very night I was asked to do this, I prayed that God would provide me with what He wanted me to talk about – and He did, almost immediately.  I find it’s always much easier to speak when I’m speaking His message and not my own!

Anyways, I had a couple of people say they wished they had some way to hear it again, so I’m adding a link here to my speaking notes.  For those of you who weren’t there and are so inclined to read it – I hope it is a blessing for you in the midst of this busy season.  I spoke about something God is trying to teach me this Christmas.  (Notice I used present tense – sometimes I’m a slow learner!) 

If you do read it, I apologize if it seems a bit stiff – I think I write a bit differently when I’m writing something that I’ll actually be speaking out loud because I know I’ll improvise a bit! 

So here it is.  May God speak to you through it, and may you not miss the real gifts God intends for you this Christmas.

MOPS 2011 Christmas Devotion


5 thoughts on “A Christmas Message

  1. Thank you for sharing your devotion! I had a gallbladder surgery Christmas once upon a time! And, my husband’s grandfather passed away one Christmas and all the adults left our home for the hospital, as my three little boys and I held down the fort!

    Back in those years (when the boys were small) I wrote a poem that was published in Homelife magazine and later reprinted in some MOPS newsletters. http://theeducationcafe.wordpress.com/2010/01/24/within-these-walls/

    Now, the boys are in college (headed home for the holidays). And now, we’ve gone back in time to “young” Christmases as we adopted a little girl into our family a few years ago. Thanks for the reminder that Christmas is about love and family and most of all Christ…and it doesn’t matter if the cinnamon rolls burn… 🙂



    1. Stephanie

      Thanks for visiting! Only had a couple of minutes to check out your blog – but I’ll be back there soon! Merry Christmas!

  2. That was truly lovely! I wish I had seen it before now! Thank you for your willingness to hear the Spirit and be used by Him! You are a beautiful role model! Thank you. P.S. My Hubby had a gallbladder attack on Christmas Eve in the middle of Church. Another memory made. 😉

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