Tips, Please!

I just started couponing about three weeks ago.

I’m focusing on CVS and groceries (between Tops, WalMart and BJs).

And I feel like it’s not going well.

I’ve bought papers.  They haven’t had all the coupon inserts.  (Lesson number 1 for me – don’t buy until you make sure everything’s there!!)

I thought I was getting a good deal at Tops.  Until I went to Walmart and saw that the prices were the same as the Tops sale prices!! 


Please, please, please.  If you have any couponing tips, let me have ’em!


3 thoughts on “Tips, Please!

  1. I promise, promise I will share some of our tips with you! I think my biggest ones off the top of my head would be:
    1. don’t clip, file your coupon inserts by date in a big accordian file
    2. find a coupon matching website (we have 2 or 3 that we like) and stick with those. any more than that and you will go crazy.
    3. Do a little reading up about stacking your coupons. By buying items BOGO at Tops, for example, and using a coupon for each item, you will definitely beat Walmart’s price as most items.
    4. Buy what you USE, not what you NEED. This was tough for me at first. Now we have a nice little stockpile of things that we use that we got for free or very close to it. I may not have needed it on that particular week, but I’m glad I picked it up at the best price possible.

    I will ask Matt for the sites he uses, since I am just the one doing the shopping and he does our matchups!

    1. Stephanie

      Thank you, Megan! You’re awesome. I think I’m just overwhelmed here at the beginning, trying to figure things out and wondering if all the time and effort is going to be worth it! I needed some encouragement!

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