Summer’s over? Already?

I cannot believe that school starts tomorrow!

We really have had a fabulous summer.  I thought I’d wind it down by posting pictures of a few of my favorite memories from the summer.

Mini cherry pies for the Fourth of July (this recipe was definitely a keeper!), with cherries from our own backyard.  Overall, it wasn’t a good summer for backyard fruit.  Wet and cold through June, a hot, hot, hot and dry July, and then an average August do not make for good produce!!  My homemade jam stash is meager!

And then there was the day that I gave Miss Bella a much-needed bath and then she proceeded to roll in fresh-cut grass.  She ended up dyed a beautiful shade of green.  Note to self:  bathe the dog the day BEFORE the grass gets cut!

We had a great time at Lamb Farms for the MOPS summer get-together in mid-July.  We learned a lot about cows, including that they have big runny noses and they pee right where they’re standing.  Great fun.  (Actually, we really did learn a lot of useful info about cows.  But I thought I’d share the stuff the kids thought was the funniest). 

We also had ice cream.  Fortunately not while watching the cows pee.

I was refreshed and renewed at the MOPS Convention in Nashville.

We made all sorts of crafty stuff.  Miss L made a crocheted scarf, and here’s a picture of her making a rug using old t-shirts.  (Instructions at, if you’re interested).

Mr. D, on the other hand, was busy with legos.

And Miss A, as always, marches to her own beat:

We went camping at Jellystone and had a great time at the waterpark there.  Here you can see Miss A, still marching to her own beat and always on a mission.

And Miss L and Mr. D had a “way better” time than last year because they chose to actually GO on the slides:

And we cannot forget our day at Hidden Valley Animal Adventure.  They had a large variety of animals and getting up close and personal so that we could feed them right from the trolley was a treat. 

The girls have been getting along great – including Miss L doing the little one’s hair on occasion!  What a nice break for me, and she does a great job!

And last, but not least, I made some homemade peach cobbler today to go with our labor day celebration.  There is nothing better than the smell of baking peach cobbler!

Happy Labor Day, and may all your back-to-school adventures go smoothly!


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