Where are YOU from?

My friend Esther posted her version on her blog a week or two ago and I couldn’t resist taking my own shot at it.  I am by no means a “writer”, but I was challenged by this writing prompt titled “Where I’m From”.  Here goes:

I am from the banks of a canal, from Kodak and Lake Ontario.

I am from a raised ranch filled with four girls, a place of love that took the form of the smell of good food, the sounds of John Denver, and the feel of heat from a wood stove.

I am from lilacs and lilies, maple trees, myrtle and fruit trees.

I am from long cross-country camping trips in a pop-up and marathon Christmas cookie baking with Christmas music blaring. 

I am from introvertedness, from steady love that is known but with a formality that precluded displays of affection.  From values and morals that are strong but not discussed.  

From fair skin and diabetes.

From “good girls don’t…” and “you can do anything you set your mind to.”

I am from born-again Christians, Free Methodism, deep faith in the saving grace of God in our home, but the absence of how to live in His grace.

I’m from Western NY, meat and potatoes dinners, pizza and wings, and Nick Tahoe red hots.  From fruits and vegetables fresh from the backyard.

I am from a home of faith and love, and adopted as a child of God.  I am thankful.

I hope some of you try this!  (It’s harder than it looks!)

I’d love to hear where you’re from!


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