Summer is Here! What to do, what to do?

Last Friday was the kids’ last day of school.  Wow – each school year seems to go by quicker than the last!

I surprised the kids with these for breakfast on the last day…

(last summer we found a Wilton donut pan at a garage sale… and the recipe I used can be found here.  The only difference is that I used cherry chip cake instead of Funfetti.  Still yummy!)

So summer has arrived, and as always I am searching out and planning things to do and ways to keep the kiddos busy (read:  not bickering).

When the kids were younger, I planned different topics to learn about on different weeks, complete with activities.  You can read more about that in this post.  I would definitely recommend that for preschoolers to about grade 2. 

My kids are too old for that now.  So this is what I came up with for this summer:

I will be having the kids fill out these papers in order to focus their activities and our “field trips”.  The ideas I’ve gotten so far are Disney World and Splash Lagoon.  Ha ha.  I was thinking smaller scale!  LOL.

This is our “I’m bored” idea jar.  I’ve ALREADY had them come to me and say some variation of “I’m bored” or “What can I do?”.  My usual response to this is either “only boring people are bored” or “go clean your room”.  But I thought I might help them out a little this summer.  If they come to me and say “I’m bored”, then they will pick something out of the jar.  About 80% of the things in there are fun and 20% involve some work (cleaning, etc.).  My rule will be that if they say it, they’ll pick something and they will have to do what they pick.  I’m hoping this will both cut down on the “I’m bored”s and also help them be a little more creative with their activities.

And these are our scripture books.  I haven’t yet figured out exactly how I’m going to work it – but in essence these will be used to write out / memorize Bible verses that are pertinent to certain behaviors / habits that need to be adjusted.  My original idea was that it would be used during a time out to write out the pertinent Bible verse (e.g., if they speak harshly to a sibling, they write out Proverbs 15:1).  My concern with this is that it might give scripture a negative connotation, so I’m still on the fence.  If I don’t do it that way, though, I will be using the journals in another way for scripture memorization.  If you have any thoughts, opinions, or ideas, please let me know!!

And of course, we still have our chore charts working!

So that’s what we’ve got going this summer.  How about you?


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