Chore Chart Idea

We’ve gone through periods of using a chore chart and periods of not using a chore chart.  Overall, I am in favor of using a chore chart for our family and associating it with the kids’ allowance.  But sometimes it just gets old and we’ll ditch it for a while. 

But it seems to always make it’s way back in one way or another.  I find that it’s good to change it up after a while, both to combat boredom, and as the children get older they may need to focus their skills in one area rather than another.  Our chore chart includes, at the top – either things I want the kids to complete, or skills I know they’re working on and need practice.  They get a certain amount of money each week for each one completed.  Then, at the bottom, we have things that are bad habits or behaviors that they need to stop.  Check marks here mean some money taken away.

Soooo, the chore chart is in play right now.  After several weeks of printing out a new copy of it each week, I had an idea!

 **think lightbulb**

I have a ton of picture frames hanging around that I’m not using.  Why not use it for the chore chart?

And it works beautifully…

(well, the frame works beautifully – I wouldn’t go so far as to say the picture is beautiful!!)

We use a write-on/wipe-off marker and no need to print out another sheet every week!  Yay!

Now it’s your turn.  Tell me, do you have a chore chart for your kids?  Is it associated with allowance?  Is it effective? 

I’m always up for new ideas!


4 thoughts on “Chore Chart Idea

  1. I’ve been thinking about using a chore chart. More to motivate myself to get the boys helping out more regularly. I think Lincoln would like it. And I like your idea of using a frame and wipe-off marker!!

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  3. Emily

    I found your post on my quest to find age appropriate chores and/or some sort of system for my 5 and 3 year old. Especially because baby #3 is due any day now and I’m all for promoting more independence in my kids. I think we need the visual for chores and personal care needs like getting dressed and brushing teeth- our ongoing battle. By the way, I’ve found this Mom’s Guide to have some really helpful tooth info and tips. Thanks for your post. I’m feeling inspired! I love the idea of the framed chore chart. Do they just use a marker to check off completed items?

    1. Stephanie

      Hi Emily!
      Welcome! I hope you’ll come back!
      To answer your question, yes – we just use a write-on/wipe-off marker to check off what’s been completed.

      When my kids were smaller, we would use pictures on the chore chart rather than words – you can get free clip-art pretty easily off the internet to use. The visual cues ARE important for the little ones!

      I also have a link for what’s age-appropriate for chores… maybe you’ll find this helpful!

      Have a great day!

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