Back to Work!

Just realized this morning that I haven’t posted anything about a big decision I made last month! 

I am going to be working outside the home again!  Starting tomorrow.

A month ago, I had been thinking that I really wasn’t ever going to do health and safety work again.  (not sure what that is?  read this post)

Not a week later, I was contacted by a friend from church asking if I would be interested in doing some consulting for the company she works for.  I immediately said that I needed some time to pray and think about it!  Needless to say, that led to me accepting the work.

I have not worked outside the home (in a paying job, that is) for 6 years!  And when I my friend contacted me, working outside the home now hadn’t even entered my consciousness!  But I felt God leading me to accepting – if only to test the waters and see if it’s something I’m still interested in.  The fact is, my youngest will be starting school in a year and a half!  So if I want to work then, this is a good start.

This job is very limited – a couple of hours a week for a couple of months.  So in that respect, it’s very do-able.  And I find that I’m excited about it.  Excited about doing something out of the ordinary.  Excited about contributing to our family’s income.  Excited about getting out of the house for a couple of hours a week.  Excited about re-entering a world of grown-ups and  Excited about using some of that knowledge I paid a lot of money for several years back!!

Pray for me!  I already know I have to find a better time than the mornings to work on the at-home preparation (my little one is chomping at the bit while I’m trying to finish up on the computer!)  I’m hoping going back to work will be like riding a bike – it’ll all come back to me!

2 thoughts on “Back to Work!

  1. Yay Steph! I had been wondering what the big decision was. I’ll be praying that you quickly find a good routine that works for you and your family and that everyone adjusts well to the new changes.

    • Hi Manda! Thanks for your prayers! And it’s kind of funny – this work thing wasn’t even the “big thing” that I was blogging about a while back! That big decision was actually accepting a MOPS field leadership position – which I did back in February. So I’ve actually got two “new jobs”!

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