You Alone

I heard Kim Hill for the first time in 2005 at a MOPS convention.  I was immediately a fan.  I bought a CD there and recently started listening to it again.  Here is my favorite song. 

The chorus is just beautiful and easy to learn.  This week I’m finding it helpful to remember and meditate on.  Nothing like God’s truth to put everything in perspective!!

Hope you like it!


In You alone,

 is where I find my comfort.

In You alone,

you’re my only hope.

In You alone,

my heart has found a resting place.

In You alone, in You alone.

In You alone,

is promise I can cling to.

In You alone,

you’re my security.

In You alone,

my soul has found a dwelling place,

Only in You alone.


2 thoughts on “You Alone

    1. drawingcloser

      Thanks for visiting, Tracey! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and hoping you come back soon! I’m headed over to your blog now!

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