prescription for a healthy marriage

A few months ago we had a speaker at MOPS -a family counselor- who gave us a prescription for a healthy marriage.  It gave me a lot to think about.  I’ve been wanting to blog about it, but never did.  It struck me that right now might be just the right time – when many people are thinking about New Year’s resolutions  and/or things they want to do differently in 2011. 

So here goes…

  1. 15 minutes of face time per day.  No talk about kids or schedules allowed. *
  2. 6 six-second hugs per day. **
  3. Do something fun that allows you to play or laugh together once per week.
  4. Date night once per month.
  5. Have a check-in with your spouse once per quarter.  (e.g. – talk about your relationship, your family – how are we doing?  is there anything we need to change?)
  6. Vacation together once per year.

*When I told my husband this, he actually said “what else is there to talk about?”  jokingly, of course.  I think.

** Yes, you read that right.  Apparently a 6 second hug is long enough to start your body producing oxytocin – which helps with bonding.  Amazing, isn’t it?

So, we have not really implemented any of these.  But I continue to think about it,  and wonder how our marriage would change if we actually did it!! 

What about you?  Do you do any of these on a regular basis?  How does it impact your marriage?

P.S. – I thought I’d pass along a marriage blog I’ve been enjoying reading recently.  Here’s the website:


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