You CAN do it! (aka, our goals for 2011)

Every year Dave and I sit down and come up with a list of goals for the year.  (more about that here).

Last year we actually accomplished only two of them –

  1. for Dave to finish up his on-line coursework with a Master’s in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Engineering with a 4.0 GPA.  I’m proud to say that he did it!  (what a relief, by the way, that it is over!!) 
  2. to have a date night at least once per quarter.

The one we have had on our list for several years but have so far failed miserably at is having a once/week devotion with the kids.  (Why is this so hard for us, anyways?  if you have any suggestions for what works for you, let me know!)

This year, again, we have several goals.  But there are a couple that I want to mention because I know they will be difficult for us-

  1. Losing weight.  I have posted two graphs on our bathroom mirror to track our progress.  Along with a big sign that says “You CAN do it!”.  (and I can never say that, by the way, without thinking of the movie The Waterboy).  My 20th high school reunion is in the fall – I’m hoping that will give me motivation!  But in actuality, we really need to lose weight and overall make more of an effort in the area of our physical health.  I also personally have a goal for my diabetes control to get my blood sugars under better control. 
  2. Praying together daily.  This is one we haven’t tried before.  Obviously we’ve prayed together before but not on a regular basis.  But so far we’ve been doing it – and it really is wonderful.  I know that there is something about praying together that brings you closer and I am hoping this becomes habit.
  3. For me to do a girl’s devotion with Miss L every night.  I think we need this time together and that it will be really valuable time spent.  But it will be difficult for me to set aside that time, as many nights by the kids’ bedtime all I want to do is curl up into a ball on the couch BY MYSELF.  So far it has been great – the first night we started out reading verses from a King James bible and the word “stirreth” made us both crack up uncontrollably.  I hope this continues to be as fun as it has started!

There are others, but again these are the ones that I really hope stick!! 

Philippians 4:13 “For I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.”

What are your goals for 2011?


One thought on “You CAN do it! (aka, our goals for 2011)

  1. Hi friend-

    You are such an amazing mom, wife, and friend:) These are great goals for the new year!

    When I read your post I was instantly reminded of something I had read a few months ago. Here is the link.

    I was struck at how powerful it must be for this family to teach their children that God’s word is the bread of life during their mealtime. Maybe you could pick one night a week to try this. Maybe I could too?


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