“Finished” Faith

I have been praying about what feels like a big decision for about a month now.  I’ve asked friends to pray about it as well (thank you!).  I have really been trying to seek out what God’s will is in this decision.  And I read this about a week ago…

(from Marie Chapian in “Discovering Joy”)

I am the beginning;

     I am the end.

You are very concerned with beginnings.

     You hesitate to reach

     the end.

The Alpha / beginning,

     the Omega / end,

     means that I am your all-in-all.

Do you want to stay

     an Alpha person –

     always at the starting line of faith?

     That is a safe place –

     where you say you believe Me,

     where you champion truth,

     but you don’t move.

Move, I say!

     Feel the wind of trials and

     victories in Me.

I am the Finisher, the Omega.

Lift your eyes from the starting line

     and focus on all that lies before you –

on the intelligent golden faith

     awaiting you at the finish.

Learn of me;  digest My Word,

     always in communion with Me.

I am your health, your energy;

     I bring you to a “finish”

     that is not the end of all things;

     not a place where you collapse,

     emptied out, done.

It is the place where you

     allow Me freely

     to live through you.

My finish means new development,

     new discoveries,

     new victories,

     new holy charges.

My dearest and most effective servants

     are those who move

     in “finished” faith.

Sometimes I wonder if God hears my prayers and whether or not He speaks to me.  But my friend Jessica reminded my that when I read things like this it’s not just coincidence.  God does speak. 
And for that I am thankful. 

So I’ve said yes. 

Where is God asking you to move ahead in “finished” faith?


4 thoughts on ““Finished” Faith

  1. I’m so glad that you have been feeling the prayers said on your behalf:) I’m so glad that you said yes, you certainly are a great match for this opportunity. The words you shared were so powerful, especially the part about taking your eyes off of the starting line and allowing God to be your energy as you move ahead. I’m praying that God will use you in meaningful ways as you take on this challenge:) xoxxo

  2. Good for you for saying yes. Sometimes saying yes to the right things is more difficult than saying no to the random things. Can’t wait to hear what you’re up to!

  3. Heather

    Steph, I am excited for you and your new endeavor. You have so much to offer with your service. God does answer prayers, we just have to be listening, reading, looking and accepting. I agree with Pamela that sometimes it is SO much more difficult to say yes to the really important things, because they are IMPORTANT than to say yes or no to the unimportant. I will be working harder on taking my eyes off the starting line and looking for finished faith.

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