Thanksgiving Weekend Activity…

This is what we worked on Saturday ~ our very own Christmas Tree Advent Calendar:

The kids helped make the trees… but what is under them is a surprise (an assortment of treats, activities written on paper, small gifts)!  They are busting at the seams waiting for December 1st ~ I’m not sure that the trees will stay taped down until then!

If you want to make your own, you can find instructions here.

In other news, my three-year-old made these at church yesterday:

I am so thankful for my kids!  They are such blessings to me, including making me laugh on a daily basis! 

(Hmmm – I do wonder about the disparity between the pictures of mom and dad, though ~ what would a psychiatrist say about that??)

Enjoy your week!


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekend Activity…

  1. Just love the Advent Calendars Steph! They must just make your house look so festive:) I think I will file this project under “in a few years when we have more self control!”

  2. Heather

    Steph, I bet tomorrow the kids will be busting at the seams to begin the countdown. I love the pictures that Allie drew—too darn cute. I think you have an artist at hand. My thoughts and prayers have been with you. Keep up the good work in all that you do. You truly are a faithful servant. Heather

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