random things about me

My blogging friend, Sandy, from Recognize & Remember, nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award:

Thank you, Sandy!  I’m honored that you read my blog!  And if the rest of you haven’t visited her blog, be sure to do so!

In any case, as part of accepting the award, I am to list seven random facts about myself.  I don’t lead too exciting of a life, but I’ll try to list some that are different from this post.  Here we go.

  1. As much as I despise snakes, I actually ate rattlesnake once on a trip to Arizona in high school.  It was fried and tasted like chicken.  Go figure.
  2. In high school, volleyball was very important to me.  I played and was captain of the varsity team in high school and my college team.  I knew all the names of the top beach volleyball players at that time.  I think I’ve played in only one *serious* game (with people who actually know how to play) since college.  In a way, I miss it.
  3. My top two most embarrassing moments of my life involve skiing – specifically the ski lifts.  I won’t bore you with the details here, but they really are good stories and I can laugh about them now.
  4. The most recent “accomplishment” that I’m most proud of is that I won an essay-writing contest at my kids’ school last year.  The theme was “Why Christian Education is important to Our Family”.  I won free tuition for one of my kids, so it was a big deal for us!
  5. My husband and I have recently decided that we need to come up with a hobby that we both enjoy, to do together.  (Our usual date nights are going out for dinner together.  We eat together really well, but we decided that doesn’t count.)  Any suggestions?
  6. The speaker at our last MOPS meeting talked about how we can lose ourselves in our mothering and how to re-connect with our non-mom identities.  It really hit home for me – especially when she asked us to spend some time writing down what we’re good at.  I had a really hard time answering that question.  Before kids (or maybe, more specifically, before I stopped working) – that question would have been easy for me.  Now it’s hard.  I definitely need to spend more time praying about that and re-investing time in myself!
  7. I was a bit of a geek in grade school / high school.  My friends and I were totally into Odyssey of the Mind competitions.  We went to National competitions four times (that I can remember!).  Are there any other OM competitors out there?

Now, I am also supposed to ask nominate some of my other blogging friends for the award, and ask them to list 7 random facts on their blog as well. 

Congratulations, if YOU are reading this and have a blog, YOU are nominated!  Especially if you haven’t blogged for a while – this will be a great way to start back up!!

(like how subtly I did that?)


2 thoughts on “random things about me

  1. Wow — congrats on the essay winning! Free tuition is a BIG deal!

    And we weren’t GEEKS, were we? Yeah, I know… we were. And OM WAS awesome! I’m trying to find a way for Strider to start doing that…

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