Preparing the way

Yesterday we sang this song in church:

Prepare the way;
make straight the path for Him
Let the King of glory enter in;
Let the King of glory enter in;
Who is this King of Glory?

The Lord strong and mighty
The Lord mighty to save
The earth is full of His glory
Creation calls prepare the way;
His love endureth forever
His power without an end;
His strength is victory’s treasure
Let all who call His name prepare the way

(Prepare The Way, by Jared Anderson)

I have, literally, been singing it ever since.  And I mean that in a good way!  I love it when my heart is singing to God even when my mind is in the midst of doing other things. 

We have sung this in church a few times, now, and every time God lays on my heart my responsibility to prepare His way in the lives of my kids. 

He asks me:

Are you preparing the way for Me to enter into your kids’ lives?

Is the way you’re living your life, the example you’re showing them, showing them how to walk with Me?

Are you explaining to them the sacrifice Jesus made for them?

Are you showing them how much I love them through your love for them?

Is your discipline teaching them how to obey Me when they are older?

What other things do you need to be doing to prepare the way for Me into their hearts?

What tough questions these are.  I can answer them easily and quickly, but if I look deeper there is always more I could be doing, and should be doing. 

God, please help me prepare Your way into my kids’ lives.  I so often am sidetracked by my to-do lists, by my laziness, and by my selfishness.  May your Holy Spirit dwelling in me teach me what to do and how to do it.  May your Holy Spirit also give me the strength to focus and the endurance to keep running the race when I feel weak.  Help me, Lord, to actively love my kids even when their behavior makes it difficult to feel loving.  May You, the King of Glory, enter into my kids’ lives and may my kids continually seek to draw closer to You.  Amen.

How are YOU doing at preparing the way?


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