Raised to Life

I read the following paragraph in my devotional a few days ago.  It is a comment on 1 Corinthians 15:42, “It is the same with the dead who are raised to life.  The body that is “planted” will ruin and decay, but it is raised to a life that cannot be destroyed.”

Often when we are racked with pain and unable to think or worship, we feel that this indeed is “the body of our humiliation,” and when we are tempted by the passions which rise from the flesh we do not think the word “vile” at all too vigorous a translation.  Our bodies humble us: and that is about the best thing they do for us.  Oh, that we were duly lowly, because our bodies ally us with animals and even link us with dust! 

But our Savior, the Lord Jesus, shall change all this.  We shall be fashioned like His own body of glory.  This will take place in all who believe in Jesus.  By faith their souls have been transformed, and their bodies will undergo such a renewal as shall fit them for their regenerated spirits.  How soon this grand transformation will happen we cannot tell; but the thought of it should help us to bear the trials of today and all the woes of the flesh.  In a little while we shall be as Jesus now is.  No more aching brows, no more swollen limbs, no more dim eyes, no more fainting hearts.  The old man shall be no more a bundle of infirmities, nor the sick man a mass of agony.  “Like unto his glorious body” [Phil. 3:21].  What an expression!  Even our flesh shall rest in hope of such a resurrection!

~ Charles Spurgeon in All of Grace

It hit me that I have never before thought of eternal life as me being without diabetes.  I suppose I have had it for so long-  it is such a part of who I am- that I’ve never even harbored a thought of never having it!  I have thought of heaven often enough – eternal life with Jesus with no pain or suffering.  But I have never made the connection of no more diabetes!!

But now I’m starting to think about it.  May I dare add to Charles Spurgeon’s “no more aching brows…” – no more trial and error for controlling blood glucose, no more finger sticks, no more blood draws, no more carb counting, no more guilt after indulging in sweets, no more second-guessing control decisions, no more pump, no more insulin, no more doctor visits, no more analyzing results, no more thoughts of early death hanging out in the back of my mind, no more worrying about my kids getting diabetes, no more, no more, no more

It’s hard for me to even imagine!  Living with diabetes IS how I live my life.  I don’t remember living without it. 

But eternal life in heaven WILL be living without diabetes and all it entails.  Wow.  I can honestly say in this moment that it makes heaven sound all the more wonderful to me.  Come, Lord Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Raised to Life

  1. I will be right there with you Stephanie – and we will share our delight (and maybe some rich amazing chocolate that only Heaven could have) without programing a pump. Can’t wait!! Blessings,

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