Help Needed! Recipe and votes (completely unrelated!)

OK, I am about to give up on baked beans. 

I never get them right.  I have tried a few recipes ~one was too sweet, another was just too, well, not good.  And whenever I’ve tried someone’s beans at a picnic or something and have loved them… it never fails that the cook is not a recipe-kinda-person. 

They’ve given me some direction – but never exact amounts.  They just say to add it to taste.  But I guess my taste buds can never figure out that exact ratio of sweet to tangy.  And I just cannot get it to work!  I am definitely a recipe-requiring-chef! 

So if you’re a recipe person, and you have a fantastic recipe for baked beans, please comment or e-mail me!!!  Thank you – I’ll be so grateful! 

AND, this is WAY more important…

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month!  And in honor of my friend Megan and her son Brady (you can read more about them here), would you please vote in the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest?

Pepsi is giving $250,000 to fund a “great idea.” One of these great ideas is to use the money to fund a treatment for children with Neuroblastoma who have no other options.   Because only 30% of children with High Risk NB survive, pharmaceutical companies don’t see finding alternative, less toxic treatments for these children as a profitable venture. Therefore, private organizations and research hospitals play a MAJOR role in raising research dollars to attempt new therapies aimed at prolonging and saving lives.  There is a cutting edge treatment that is on the verge of making a huge difference in the lives of the sickest children with NB. Doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in NYC would directly receive this money to fund this new treatment.

You can vote once a day from now until September 30th by clicking here.  Please – it will only take a minute or two of your time for such a great cause!

Thank you, friends, and Happy September!


One thought on “Help Needed! Recipe and votes (completely unrelated!)

  1. Steph-

    I can’t thank you enough for posting this!!!!!!! It’s something simple we all can do to make a difference. I know several children who will personally be eligible for this new treatment if the funding happens.

    Thank you my friend-

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