Sabbath seeking

Last week we had a sermon about practicing Sabbath.  Resting, rejuvenating, refreshing ourselves and our families on the Sabbath.  The sermon was awesome and it struck a chord inside me. 

(If you’re interested, you can hear the sermon here.)

Lately I have been feeling like myself, and really, the whole family is out of balance.  Too much work (ahem – you probably know who I’m talking about!), not enough quality time as an entire family, priorities out of whack, not enough fun.)  The sermon reminded me that God commanded us to remember the Sabbath in order to have balance.  Even though we have so much to do and it feels like “doing nothing” on Sunday would make us fall even farther behind, God commanded it.  It’s one of those commandments that isn’t talked about very much – or in much detail.  In my own life, remembering the Sabbath has simply meant going to church and worshipping on Sunday.  The rest of the day carried on much like any other day. 

But the sermon reminded me that it IS a commandment.  God is good and what He wants for us is good.  He has given us a way to keep our busy lives in balance.  The point that really hit me was Sabbath as a way of submitting to God.  Giving Him what is due Him with respect to our time.  Using the time not only to refresh ourselves, but also renew our commitment to putting Him first.  And that reminds me of Matthew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”  In other words, if we put Him first, we will have proper perspective on everything else and things will fall into place.

So, in preparing for this past weekend, I made sure that the things that I needed to get done were done by Saturday evening (grocery shopping – which often falls to Sunday afternoon, laundry, etc.).  I still did things like making dinner, washing dishes, picking up toys, etc. on Sunday.  But I also was able to spend a bit more time relaxing.  The kids watched a movie in the afternoon and Dave watched football.  I spent some time on the computer.  In the evening, we worked on a puzzle together. 

I will admit that I did have some resentment as everyone ELSE relaxed while I cleaned the kitchen and made dinner.  In the midst of trying to “remember the Sabbath”, I also remembered what power my sinful nature can have in me!!   So next weekend I am going to try to spend Sunday engaged as a family TOGETHER doing something, and spending more of my own time in prayer.

I would love to hear from you about how you “remember the Sabbath”.  Do you have any family traditions?  How do you in a practical sense get your “stuff” done so that it doesn’t have to be done on your Sabbath?  Please share!!


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