the pursuit of science

For one of our field trips this summer (space week), we went to the Rochester Museum and Science Center and the Strasenbergh Planetarium.  It was going to cost us (for me and 3 kids) $51 for admission to both the museum and a planetarium show, just for the day!  Yikes!  Fortunately, a friend gave us this tip… as a customer of Time Warner Cable, you can get a reduced one-year family membership.  The family membership with the discount was only $58.  For info, here is the website for RMSC.

The best part was that the following week, we were able to get in free at the Buffalo Museum of Science, to see the Robotic Dinosaur exhibit (of course for Dinosaur week!).  And here is the website for Buffalo Museum of Science.  I’d call that a deal!

Here are a few pics from the Robotic Dinosaurs…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Planetarium show we went to was great – definitely suited to the younger crowd but still interested my 9 year old.  Both museums had enough hands-on stuff to keep the 3 year old interested as well.  However, I think when we return I’ll just take the two older kids so that they can spend more time at each exhibit.  (Trying to keep my eyes on the little one and keep her happy while the older ones were trying to read and interact with some of the more involved exhibits wasn’t easy!)

So hopefully you’ll take my tip and if you go, get a family membership.  Don’t forget your Time Warner card or a recent bill.  Enjoy!


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