Ahh, the vegetable garden is finally planted.  I’m relieved.  I’d planned on having someone come and roto-till for us, and then there was a two-week delay because he was out-of-town!  But it’s done.  Yay!  I know it’s very late, but that’s ok.  Our garden is more experimental and educational for the kids than anything else.  (Maybe someday when I get good at it, we’ll rely on it to really supplement our groceries!!)

The kids helped me plant on Monday.  Here’s some pics…

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Just to be clear – we didn’t use that whole area that got plowed up – I only used about 1/3 of it for veggies, and the rest we’re just planting grass.  The whole area was used as a garden, I think, before we moved in and it was in pretty rough shape.  So we had it plowed and leveled so we could actually have lawn there!

Here’s what we planted…


cherry tomatoes

green peppers

red peppers

mild jalapeno peppers


yellow squash

butternut squash



green beans


We had a nice sunny day yesterday and then it rained this morning!  I was thankful for the rain!  This weekend I’m hoping Dave can put a fence around the garden so that my beet greens and carrot tops don’t get eaten by bunnies like last year.  So far I’ve got hair scattered around the garden to try to ward off invaders (a tip from my friend Kathy!).  I’m also praying I get some tomatoes this year.  Last year apparently my tomatoes got “the blight”.  I have no idea what that is, but I know my tomatoes were looking good one day and the next the whole plants were brown.  Another tip from Kathy that I’m trying, to prevent the blight, is epsom salts dissolved in water.  I soaked the ground with it before I planted the tomatoes, and I’ve been told that if the tomato plants are starting to look like they’re getting the blight, the solution can be sprayed right on the leaves.  So we’ll see how it goes!

Did you plant a veggie garden this year?  What did you plant?  Got any gardening tips for me??


2 thoughts on “Garden!

  1. Michele

    Cayenne pepper works well too. If you sprinkle it on the plants the critters won’t like it because it’s too spicy.

    1. drawingcloser

      Thanks Michele! I just heard that and have it on my to-do list for my strawberry plants. I bought three everbearing plants and the berries were coming along well… then they were gone. I suspect some of our resident chipmunks got to them. Anyways, thanks for the tip – I might try it on the veggies as well! Steph

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