An awesome morning with Care-A-Van…

Saturday morning our MOPS group helped out Care-A-Van Ministries with their food distribution.  This awesome ministry (see their facebook page here) reaches out to the needy and hurting in our community, meeting their needs and showing them God’s love.  It was such a privilege to be involved!

Here is a video of some of what was happening Saturday:

We worked with them Saturday in the same neighborhood that this happened to me a few years ago.   Funny thing was that I met another little girl named Jasmine, who has been on my heart since Saturday morning.  She was four years old, quiet, and was there with her brother (and possibly an uncle??) because her mom had just had another baby the day before.  I got to help her make a coloring book, pick out a couple of new shirts, and read her a book.  She was so precious.  And so in need of God’s love.

I was amazed, honestly, at the needs I saw in the kids that morning.  Many were there without any adult supervision.  A couple of young girls (6 years or so) were looking through the clothes – when I asked what size they needed, they told me they were looking for clothes for their mom.

Again, I am reminded how blessed I am.  I have everything I need and way more.  There were children who needed clothes, and I have close to 3 bags of kids’ clothes sitting in my basement waiting to be donated.  The kids desperately were looking through a box of second-hand toys – eventually emptying it.  At the same time we have shelves and toy boxes full of toys at our house that don’t get played with for 6 months at a time.

I am thankful, but ashamed.  I’ve recently been reading Acts, and within the first few chapters it clearly talks about the early church sharing there possessions so that no one would be in need.  In Acts, it was talking about within the church, but don’t we also have a responsibility to meet needs of the non-churched in our communities?  Of course!

I can’t wait to participate with Care-A-Van again.  If you are local, I urge you to participate as well – there are many opportunities to serve.  One of the huge needs that I saw was a need for more children’s clothing… so if you’ve got some sitting around that you don’t need anymore – contact Care-A-Van!!!

Dear God, I pray that I would be constantly willing to share what I have so that none are in need.  Continue to show me the needs of the people around me, and help me to share your story with them.  Amen.


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