To Bake, or Not To Bake

I totally have a love-hate relationship with baking.

Baking is in my blood.  I have sweet memories (ha – get it?  “sweet”?) of my mom’s baking as a kid.  A warm and inviting kitchen, my mom & sisters & I working together, baking yummy stuff.  Have I mentioned that my mom is an awesome cook / baker?

Baking = love = family = togetherness = deliciousness.

And that carries over into my life today.  I love trying new recipes.  I love to make foods that my kids will enjoy. 

But I have diabetes.  And I could stand to lose a few pounds (umm, that may be an understatement of the facts.  But nevermind.)  And my kids and husband don’t really need a whole lot of extra calories, either.

Soooo, I hate baking, too.

It’s so tough when your brain associates making yummy stuff for people with a way to show your love to them.  I know there are other ways, but I do really enjoy baking.  And I love eating.  Therein lies the problem!  It’s hard for me to bake without trying some!  So lately I’ve been trying to cut back on the baking (both for my health and my family’s health) or bake only when I’ve got others to share the results with!

(I know I have a couple of diabetic friends out there who read this- does any of this make any sense to you??? )

Anyways… I wanted to share with you an article I found that gives some tips for healthier baking.  I think the tips are really useful and practical.  Hopefully you might get something out of it, too!

Here you go…


One thought on “To Bake, or Not To Bake

  1. sandrajo

    Of course, I smiled when I read this and of course, I can relate (I think we can relate about many diabetic issues). I baked much more when my daughters were little and then when they got bigger, they baked. There are some things that I can totally leave like fruit desserts (pies, cakes, etc) and some that are very hard for me to deal with (chocolate brownies, cakes and cookies). Since Bill and I have had a empty nest this year – I have only baked when the family is home or we have company (unless I make him a fruit dessert).
    I try to do the best that I can and to offer myself grace when I mess up (because I know that I will). AND I look forward to Heaven where I will be healed of diabetes and can eat the best there is to offer.
    Hope you are doing well — how did those tests results turn out??


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