*Bounce* Fun

When the kids were on Easter break a couple of weeks ago, we took a field trip to Bounce It Out.

It was our first time.  We LOVED it!  (myself included).

What we loved about it…

  • Price was reasonable.  Adults were free!
  • It was clean.  Really clean.  Including the bathrooms.  They even had smaller toilets for the kiddos and a pull-down step-stool at the sink.
  • Lots of inflatables with a good variety of sizes and activities.  All three of my kids – who span the age range – enjoyed themselves.
  • Physical activity rather than video games at an arcade.  Yay.
  • Secure – each kid gets a wristband matching yours.
  • Only kids 10 and under are admitted… and kids older than 10 and adults are not allowed on the inflatables.  I liked this rule – it prevented the younger children from being overrun.  (And I did get in one inflatable once to find my 3 year old, and I saw other parents do the same for smaller kids who may have been having trouble navigating – and no one had a problem with it.)

Try this place with your little ones!!  I think you’ll enjoy it!

Remember if you go…

to wear (or bring) socks!  Everyone, including adults must remove their shoes and must have socks on.  (They do have some you can buy if you forget).

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