My Favorite Room…

is my bathroom.

I love this room. 

Mostly because it’s the one room in the house where I might actually get a moment of peace and quite.  (You notice I said “might”.  We’re not quite there yet!  Sometimes the kids allow me some privacy here.  and only here.)

But also because it has…

pretty furniture, corian countertop, and tile floors

pretty autumn-ish colors (my favorite!)

a cool light fixture, bee-yootiful faucets, and floral pictures above the super-huge mirror

It’s the only room in my house that feels luxurious (well – to me, at least).  

And it’s the easiest room in the house for me to keep clean (a.k.a., it generally avoids the toy build-up to which the rest of the rooms are so prone).

And now it’s your turn to play along… what’s your favorite room in your house and why??

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Room…

  1. Must say, Paige’s bathroom. It is a pretty purple with butterflies floating around and serenity wrapped in a lovely pink towel. I step into that room and I feel like I am 10 again. Pure, young, childish and peaceful. It was also the room that I tried to explain God to Paige. So I told her to look out the window and up at the clouds and that is where she will be able to talk to God. That is a good memory for me~

    • awww, Heather – I love that – what a beautiful memory! And I love how you described it – serenity wrapped in a lovely pink towel. What a picture!

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