Thoughts from Anne…

My daughter got the Anne of Green Gables book series for Christmas.  I read them when I was a teen, but we all know that was a long time ago!

So I “borrowed” them from my daughter and practically devoured them.  I know I appreciate the books so much more now – with years and the experience that goes with them under my belt.

They are captivating, beautiful stories.  I encourage you fellow moms to read them!

Anyways, there were a couple of very poignant passages that caught my attention and that I wanted to share with you.  As you know, my oldest turned 9 last week and my baby will turn 3 this weekend.  It’s breathtaking how quickly childhood goes!  So you can imagine how these quotes from Anne convicted me…

(from Anne of Ingleside, by L.M. Montgomery)

Anne smiled and sighed.  The seasons that seemed so long to Baby Rilla were beginning to pass all too quickly for her.  Another summer was ended, lighted out of life by the ageless gold of Lombardy torches.  Soon … all too soon … the children of Ingleside would be children no longer.  But they were still hers … hers to welcome when they came home at night … hers to fill life with wonder and delight … hers to love and cheer and scold … a little.


She [Anne] stooped repentantly, gloatingly over them.  They were still hers … wholly hers, to mother and love and protect.  They still came to her with every love and grief of their little hearts.  For a few years longer they would be hers … and then?  Anne shivered.  Motherhood was very sweet … but very terrible.

It’s so true, isn’t it?  Motherhood is very sweet, but certainly a bittersweet kind of sweet.  We are raising our children to be independent (or rather to be dependent upon God), and thus working ourselves out of a job. 

These quotes reminded me that I need to make the most of every moment I have with my little ones!  Because the moments are fleeting and soon they will be gone.

How about you – have you felt any bittersweet moments lately?  How do you make the most of your time with your children?

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