My Superbowl projects…

OK, so they have nothing to do with the Superbowl, except that this is what I did while I was “watching”.  I’m not a huge fan of football, and I’m even less of one when it’s not a local team playing.

I had seen some of these cute, cute hats at the mall recently and decided I wanted to try to make one.  I googled it and found several patterns for similar hats.  This was my first one…

You can find instructions for this hat at:

My older daughter liked the hat so much that she wanted one, so I made this one next…

The instructions for this larger hat can be found at the following link:

Both are really simple and quick patterns.  I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoy crocheting!  And you can get some really great, useful patterns on the internet!

Oh, and in the interest of complete honesty ~  I DID crochet during the superbowl, during the few moments when I wasn’t stuffing my face with snacks.


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