Handmade for Christmas

I wanted to show you a couple of my (totally awesome) handmade Christmas gifts.  I made these for family and friends and I was so happy with how they turned out. 

First, the Christmas Countdown blocks…

These were pretty easy and very inexpensive.  I only had time to make two of these between Thanksgiving & Christmas… I’m thinking if I start now I could make a whole slew of them before next Christmas!  🙂

Items needed:  wood (a 4×4 and 2×4), scrapbooking paper, letter stickers, number stencils, brown ink pad, spray adhesive, black sharpie, carpet nails, sandpaper, primer, and white latex paint.

On an interesting side note, I learned that the actual measurements of wood are not equal to the numbers in the name.  In other words, a 4×4 is not actually 4 inches by 4 inches.  My husband was a little ticked at me for having to make extra cuts because I did not know this fact before we started.  Uh, sorry, babe.

Moving on…

If you want the instructions on how to make these, just let me know & I’d be happy to share with you.  I’m just feelin’ a bit lazy tonight.  It’s not really rocket science, but I will admit that the numbers took me a little while to figure out (a 6 can be a 9 upside down… hint, hint).

And the Birch Bark Star Ornament…

These I made out of pieces of birch bark (conveniently found in my backyard), cardboard star ornaments purchased at michael’s, and berries also purchased at micheal’s.  And hot glue.  Lots of hot glue.  Lots and lots of hot glue. 

And only one burn to the fingers.  Ahem.

Again, easy and inexpensive but time-consuming.  I should be able to whip off another three of these before next Christmas. 

(Joking, people, I’m joking.)

OK, I think that’s enough for now.  I’m getting a little tired, and a little loopy.

Happy January!


3 thoughts on “Handmade for Christmas

  1. intensesimplicity

    I just LOVE the star Stephanie. Did you think of that on your own or see it in a magazine? The Christmas count down is really cute too! Who did you give them to?

    1. drawingcloser

      Melody, I’m glad you liked the star. I had seen a larger one (not an ornament) in a Plow and Hearth catalog a year or two ago and thought they’d be cute as ornaments. I gave those to some really special friends. 🙂

      And the count down blocks I saw a couple of different places on the internet and just came up with my own. My sisters got those.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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