The Potty Adventures

Potty training has finally begun in earnest around here.

We’re not doing too badly.  The little one seems to be “getting it”, and that makes me glad I waited so long.

Today we had a poopy in the potty – her first.

It was so, so cute.  I had left her on the toilet for quite a while – she kept insisting she was going to go.  Then I peeked in and saw her standing, pulling toilet paper off the roll.

And then she said “oh, gosh.  oh, gosh.  ucky.”  And then flushed.

I couldn’t help but laugh.  Normally the gosh word is forbidden, and I gently remind the kids to say “oh my” or “oh my goodness” instead, but this was just so cute that all I could do was laugh at her.  I didn’t even know she knew that word.

So, the potty adventures march on… we’ll see how tomorrow goes!

(p.s., thanks for all the comments and prayers in response to my last post… I so appreciate it!)

2 thoughts on “The Potty Adventures

  1. I am right there with you Stephanie. We are starting the process of training Ethan. He is MUCH easier then Emma was. I am sure I could have him trained by now if I really wanted since he can pee on demand. But to be completely honest there are some days when diapers are just easier! I am just being a lazy mommy at times. I just hate running around after a child as if he was a puppy hoping that he doesn’t pee on the carpet. lol! For me, this causes more aggravation…not only did they not pee where they where supposed to but now I have a mess to clean. lol! I just rest in the fact that every child IS potty trained by college no matter how lazy the parent. 😉

    Good luck! Sounds like she is doing great!

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