Easy-peasy home decorating project

This is so cool!  And it was so simple!

After Little A moved out of her room in July, we turned it into a home office.  I painted, we moved two garage-sale desks in, put the computer in there, and the papers have been piling up in there ever since.  Seriously, if I have a nemesis, it’s papers. 

I.  Cannot.  Get.  Control.  Over.  Them.

Anyhooo, I haven’t done a thing in that room since then.  So I figured it was time.  I happened to be in JoAnn’s a few weeks back and found some very pretty fabric.  It’s a small room, and I had painted it a taupe-y brown color (which I love);  but it needed some color.  The fabric I found for the swag curtains were perfect. 

Love This Color!
Love This Color!

Next, I needed something in the same accent colors for this empty wall…


Enter the easy-peasy home decorating project. 

Just to be clear, I found the idea here… but I kinda did my own thing with it.

See what you think of the result…


 You can find all the “real” instructions at the link up above… but for my wall decoration I used foam boards that were cut to a 10″ square.  Then I basically “wrapped” the 12×12 sheets of scrapbooking paper onto the foam squares, using a spray adhesive.  They were so light, all I needed to get them adhered to the wall was HandiTak reusable adhesive.  And all done.  Easy-peasy.


This took me about 2 hours (it would probably be 1 if you dont’ have any toddlers around!).  And cost me about ten dollars (I already had the spray adhesive and HandiTak on hand, so I just had to buy the foam boards and paper, for which I used a 40% off coupon at Michael’s).  Talk about quick and cheap!  And I love the statement it makes on that wall!

Some pictures of the materials you need…

Spray Adhesive
Spray Adhesive


Foam Boards
Foam Boards


Scrapbooking papers
Scrapbooking papers

Now maybe one of these days after I get all the papers filed I’ll show you pictures of the rest of the room.  Maybe.


4 thoughts on “Easy-peasy home decorating project

  1. Steph! I’m laughing over here in Oakfield! I JUST did this project before brady’s party. I have three squares just like these in my living room! I even did it on the cheap using foam board versus MDF just like you! Your wall looks awesome (I love mine too!)

    1. drawingcloser

      Ha – that IS funny, Megan!

      I love that thrifty decor chick blog – I’ve been reading it ever since you posted it on facebook!

      So, what did you use to put your squares on the wall? I thought the HandiTak was going to work well, but one of my squares fell down this morning. So I need another idea!

      Have a great day… I’m continuing to pray for Cara’s surgery and Brady’s scans coming up! Love, Steph

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